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Why enroll on myGeez?

Over 100 million people located in the horn of Africa speak Amharic and/or Tigrigna . Although it is spoken in a small corner of the globe, this part of the world is one of the most vibrant and fast growing. In the next 30 years, this population is expected to grow to over 250 million, based on a study conducted by the United Nations. Addis Abeba, a bustling cosmopolitan capital of Ethiopia, is home to multilateral organizations such as the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Africa and the African Union (AU). It is also home to over 150 foreign missions.

Coupled with significant economic expansion, the region has become a mecca to many from around the world. Furthermore, Eritrea’s 1,200 KM pristine coastline is a huge tourist attraction to the region. myGeez's website and apps are designed to provide intuitive resources to anyone interested to begin learning these local languages spoken in both Ethiopia and Eritrea. As the region continues to expand in trade and population, knowing these languages will become increasingly compelling.

Start the process today. Enroll to gain access to the web tools. App download will be free for those that have completed website enrollment. Initiating enrollment via mobile App will also be available while seamlessly enabling user to reciprocally gain and maintain access to the website.